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On Total Divas Season 3 Episode 8, Rosa walked in on Summer with her man, leading to tension, while Eva and Ariane experienced plenty of their own.

Road trip style.

Then later on Total Divas Season 3 Episode 9, Brie coped with her father’s cancer and Nattie and T.J. faced the harsh realities of getting a divorce.

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We’ve seen the couple’s marital troubles become apparent long before Total Divas Season 3 Episode 8, but things really hit a rough patch Sunday.

It’s gotten so awful, apparently, that they met with a divorce attorney, who told them what would happen if they actually opted to go through with this.

Besides the fact that there’s no way to determine who gets custody of their cats, there are plenty of other reasons this is a mutual loser for both.

Still, the health of their relationship is very much in doubt. See their explosive fight over laundry … which ended with laundry strewn on the lawn.

Real normal.


By the second half of the hour, T.J. has had enough and moves out on Total Divas Season 3 Episode 9, believing they can’t even coexist anymore.

With Natalya upset that T.J. isn’t on the road with her (he’s working his way back from injury) this will get him out of her way for awhile, he believes.

When Natalya spots T.J. backstage at WWE Raw, however, the tension rises to the surface again as she confronts him and asks why he’s even there.

Contract, FYI.

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Watch Total Divas Season 3 Episode 9 Online

That "explanation" doesn’t fly, though, nor would just about anything he said when the two clearly can’t stand the mere sight of the other at this stage.

The public fight raged on to the point where Nikki Bella told them to get a room … to argue in private because this is just getting so darn inappropriate.

What do you think? Is there any hope for Natalya and T.J. in terms of staying together and working through their issues? Or is a divorce the only way?

On a happier note, Eva Marie and Jonathan will soon hold their wedding with family, friends and co-stars. You’ll want to watch Total Divas online for that.

Just pray Natalya and T.J. either sit it out or sit at the opposite ends of the facility and don’t see or speak to the other at any point during the festivities.