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Viewers took a chill on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1.

With Elsa and Emma from Frozen now key players on this ABC drama, how did events unfold on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2? Let’s find out, shall we?

Watch Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 Online
Watch Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 Online

Let’s begin in the Fairy Tale Land That Was, as Anna shows up in what she believes to be Mist Haven. She has Davis’s name Kristoff and is at his door, pretending to be “Joan” and acting very mysterious about her business. She asks to stay at David’s when evil Bo Peep arrives to collect her “payment.”

David and his mother, Ruth, must pay up by the next day or she will seize their farm and make them her slaves. Later on, Anna encourages David to stand up for himself, explaining that she can teach him how to use a sword, thanks to the advice of her soldiers back home.


The following day, "Joan" gets kidnapped by Bo Peep, but David follows his new friend’s advice.

He takes down her guards with his weapon and then, using her crook, David find "branded" Joan. Ruth sends their pal off with a sandwich and the name of the wizard her parents may have been seeking: yup, it’s Rumplestilstkin, who looks on via a crystal ball.

In Storybrooke, Emma is consoling Henry, who Regina had asked to stay away while she went through her stuff. At this point, the town is hit by an Elsa-caused blackout, prompting as a giant ice wall goes up around Storybrooke.

Emma and David go to check it out, while Grumpy, Granny and Happy ask Mary Margaret to restore power, considering she’ thes leader of their kingdom.

After Hook arrives at the ice wall, Emma sees someone behind the structure. When she goes to look closer, David tells Hook it’s time to discuss the pirate’s intentions toward his daughter. Awkward! Hook says that whatever he and Emma are is very much consensual.

Meanwhile, Emma has found Elsa, who claims she’s searching for her sister, Anna. However, when Hook and David approach, Elsa freaks out and her magic forces her to erect an ice cave around her and Emma. Uh-oh! Will Emma freeze to death?

Not if Hook and David can help it. They go to Mr. Gold’s shop, where they see the ticket for Anna’s necklace and the latter realizes he knows her, as “Joan.” As such, they can use town butcher Bo Peep’s crook to track her down. Hearing that good news, Elsa is able to create an exit from the cave.

However, for an unexplained reason, she cannot take down the entire wall.

Elsewhere, at the Any Given Sundae ice cream shoppe, Leroy is served a cone by… Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the establishment’s owner.

We see that the restaurant somehow didn’t lose any inventory during the power outage. After Leroy leaves, the woman waves of her hand and turns liquid cream into frozen confection. She then frosts up the freezer as she leans back against it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your Snow Queen!

Exciting stuff! Remember to watch Once Upon a Time online if you need to catch up and to Comment away on this episode below.