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Kate Middleton covers the new issue of People, and inside, the Duchess-obsessed mag gives a full run-down on Kate’s recent health woes.

As you’ve probably heard, Kate’s been suffering from severe morning sickness – a result of a condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum that affects about 1 in 100 pregnant women.

Kate made her first public appearance in 10 weeks yesterday, and it was taken by many royal-watchers as an encouraging sign that she’s beginning to recover from her illness.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

People reports that those closest to Kate believe she’s turned a corner and that the worst is over. In fact, sources say she seems happier than ever these days, and seems thrilled with the prospect of a little brother or sister for Prince George:


“She was her smiling, bubbly self,” says one insider who spent time with Kate at recent event. “You would have never guessed she’s been ill.”

The source cautions, however, that Kate’s health is not yet back to 100%:

“It is not right to say she is absolutely fine. She is still feeling some effects of HG. But she is definitely recovering.”

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is usually at its most severe in the first trimester. Kate is due in April, so there’s reason to believe she’s on the mend.

While she’s likely to experience some symptoms for the remainder of her pregnancy, insiders have hinted that Kate will be making far more frequent public appearances in the coming months.