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Jane the Virgin is off and running impregnating.

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1, viewers were introduced to Gina Rodriguez as the title character, a young woman in Miami who dreams of being a teacher and a writer and who is saving herself for marriage.

There just ends up being one hiccup in her life plans: Jane’s doctor artificially inseminates her by accident. OOPS!

Yes, it’s a silly premise, but the premiere balances comedy with heart and emotion in an unexpected manner. It’s been critically very well received.

As for what viewers can look forward to as Jane the Virgin Season 1 progresses? The CW has released the following extended trailer:

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 2 Promo
(Tyler Golden)

Looking more closely ahead, Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 2 will find Jane struggling to keep her unexpected pregnancy from taking over her life, while her mother pressures her to file a lawsuit against the physician who made this grave mistake.

Meanwhile, Jane’s father will keep insisting on meeting his daughter, while Michaels’ jealousy over Jane and Rafael’s past will lead him to make an unexpected alliance with Petra.

Did you catch the first chapter of this saga? If not, have no fear: you can watch Jane the Virgin online right here!

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1 Online