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Indiana doctor George "Scott" Samson reportedly killed his new bride, Kelly Ecker Samson, at their mansion the very same night he married her.

Samson also took his own life in a stunning turn of events.

Doctor Kills Bride, Commits Suicide

It’s far from clear as to exactly what sparked the murder-suicide, but shortly after guests cleared out of their home, Kelly Ecker, 50, called 911 three times.

  1. In the first call, she screamed, "He’s beating the s–t out of me!"
  2. In the second 911 call, someone answered but got disconnected.
  3. In the third, Kelly screams, "Oh my god!" and shots were fired.

Within minutes, she and her new husband were dead.

Kelly was found dead, shot twice in her 10-year-old son’s bedroom. George Samson was found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound in the basement.


Kelly’s son was home at the time of the shooting, as was an unidentified elderly couple; it is believed that the boy heard and saw his mother being shot.

Friends are baffled as to what could’ve gone so horribly wrong, although some reportedly left the wedding reception due to the newlyweds arguing.

The couple had just moved into the home this summer.

The wedding and reception took place on the grounds, with the tent celebrating the affair still up as police swarmed the property following the tragedy.

Vigo County Chief Deputy Sheriff Clark Cottom said:

"The investigation has revealed that there was a verbal argument between the couple toward the end of the reception, which carried over to the after party at the couple’s home."

"Shortly after the last guest had left at around 1:17 a.m., Kelly Ecker Samson called 911 reporting that her husband had threatened to kill her."

"There were a total of three very brief 911 calls," the law enforcement official said, "which in the first two the caller disconnected."