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On Friday night’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 3, we were introduced to young women who robbed a bus and end up stealing something unusual.

Something, it turns out, that put all their lives in gave danger.

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A roving gang of female hooligans holding up tourist busses around the city might not seem like a serious threat, but these women were good at what they do.

They were methodical about their targets and timing, and never hurt or killed anyone … until this time, when someone ended up dead to the dismay of H5O.

The victim, Wagner, fought back against the robbers, rather than handing over his wallet. Why? It turns out he was targeted and this was no accident.

As for the concerned Mrs. Wagner? The team didn’t know what to make of her, or the blue print on victim’s thumb, as if someone tried to get his prints.


The team learns that Wagner is a powerful IT mogul who had access to billions in client capital, so a much bigger plot may be playing out as they speak.

Kono tracks down and finds the three women and apprehends one of them, then learns that they only rob and steal to finance their laid back surfing lives.

A more notorious con artist, Vanessa Hansen, is the real suspect, and had the suspect not given her hideout’s location, the cops would not have made it in time.

Vanessa wants the trio of robbers too, and we learn that she was motivated purely by money, believing Wagner’s thumb print could get her past a firewall.

Meanwhile, Danny kept working to free his brother, with the dude his brother had stolen from demanding to be paid back and Danny running out of options.

At last, he figured out the riddle his brother left for him and found the $20 million. Will he really be willing to part with it and give a criminal the satisfaction?

We wouldn’t bet on it, but we’ll have to watch Hawaii Five-0 online next week to find out, as well as what happens with Jerry and his counterfeit case.

Despite Steve warning him to stay away from this particular trail, it looks like he’s doubling down in surveillance mode and this plot line has only begun …