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Danny and Baez were assigned new partners, temporarily, on Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 3 after an officer is outed and his partner refuses to ride with him.

How did this development impact some of the precinct’s main players?

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Jamie and Eddie were dispatched to a domestic disturbance call, and with the woman bleeding too severely, Jamie had to let the suspect get away.

The suspect had overheard the officers talk about taking the victim to a local hospital, though, and tried to sabotage ALL THREE outside the facility.

They were able to subdue him only to be sabotaged a second time.


A couple of detectives offered to bring in the suspect in to be booked so Jamie could get checked out, having suffered some injuries during the melee.

Danny had to cope with some inter-departmental issues of his own, as a case he was working on ended up inadvertently outing one of his fellow detectives.

While Danny convinced him to do the right thing and put his name on a case involving gay bashing, when Fuentes’ partner learned of his sexual orientation?

He was out. Danny and Baez had to split up before a new partner could be found for Fuentes, while the case also put Frank’s religious beliefs in the spotlight.

As a practicing Catholic, people question what he’ll do to find the victim’s killers; Frank ends up having to walk a very fine line between church and state.

Frank told the Cardinal, in a bold move, that he has issues with the church’s stance on homosexuality, which puts him in an even tighter spot than before.

As Frank tries to figure out a way to apologize to the church without condoning hate crimes, Danny makes an interesting connection in the investigation.

One of the attackers is the son of a New Jersey police chief, who wanted to cover all of this up and essentially sandbagged the case while "assisting" Danny.

In the end, he nailed his man on a procedural point by getting the assailants to travel back into NYC and arresting them moments after they did just that.

Fuentes and his old partner patched things up, while Frank notably never issued his public mea culpa, and Jamie got revenge on Detective Hoffman.

Killing him with kindness, you could say, he had an opportunity to steal credit for another case, but made a big display of the fact that he did not do so.

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