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The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3, entitled "Get Your Sheep Together," saw the contestants embark on a picturesque trek through the Scottish islands.

They weren’t there for the scenic vistas, however.

Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3 Online
Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3 Online

As The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 3 kicked off, the die was cast early on as Scott suffered a nasty spill and was limping around on a bum ankle.

The Boston firemen continue to have a rough go of it.

If you watch The Amazing Race online, you’ll see the teams leave England by land and sea to the Shetland Islands of Scotland, and have two choices:

  1. Construct and light the custom Viking torch
  2. Carry organic peat fuel up hill with ponies

What happens next? Continue reading to find out …


Misti and Jim Raman, the married dentists from S.C., took the lead, which isn’t too surprising as they both bring plenty of brains and physical skills.

Even stubborn ponies couldn’t hold them back.

For those who chose the torches, it was no easier. In fact, Brooke and Robbie could testify to how difficult it is to make one compared to how simple it sounds.

The next challenge was to herd sheep.

Many of the sheep were not into it.

Shelley and Nici thought it would be fun but were quickly proven wrong, while Tim and Te Jay tried to talk to the sheep and use a makeshift barrier.

Neither strategy was effective.

The dentists triumphed easily in this leg, while the rest of the contestants were exasperated, setting up a race to the finish for Michael and Scott and Tim and Te Jay.

Scott’s injury gave Tim and Te Jay hope that they could pull it out if it came down to the wire, but it was a moot point in the end as the firemen took a wrong turn.

To get to the final station, teams had to find a piece of jewelry’s place of origin.

The firefighters asked around at a bar and were told that "Weisdale made it."

This could have sent them to St. Ninian’s Isle, but alas, they went to a store.

They eventually found Phil, who told them they’re out. This week’s results:

  1. Misti and Jim
  2. Bethany and Adam
  3. Keith and Whitney
  4. Shelley and Nici
  5. Amy and Maya
  6. Brooke and Robbie
  7. Kym and Alli
  8. Tim and Te Jay
  9. Michael and Scott