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So… who did it?

This is the question Fox hopes viewers ask themselves over the next 10 weeks, as it kicked off a special limited series event last night with Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 1.

The series, a remake of the British drama Broadchurch, brings back David Tennant as Emmet Carver, the same role he played in the overseas original version. He’s a closed-off detective who just arrived in this idyllic seaside town and is instantly thrust into a murder case:

The body of a 12-year old boy has been found on the beach.

Watch Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Watch Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 1 Online

This is a wildly sad and unexpected event for the town’s citizens, who generally live in peace and happiness and have never really had to deal with such a serious case.

Former Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn is on board as Ellie Miller, a detective whose son was best friends with the deceased and who just got passed over for a promotion… that went to Carver.


We meet other residents of Gracepoint as well during this intense opening hour, from the victim’s parents (Mark and Beth) to his rebellious older sister (Chloe) to the mysterious older man who runs the local kayak rental service (Jack) to an even more mysterious woman who loves in the RV park (Susan).

The investigation is tracked closely by the town’s local reporter, as well as by an ambitious journalist from San Francisco who wants to break her first big story. She has a history with Carver, who appears to have covered a similar case in the past.

Fox is pushing the hashtag "SuspectEveryone" along with Gracepoint and it’s easy to see why.

The dark drama wants fans to wonder who killed Danny and will likely toss many red herrings as us along the way before making the big reveal.

Will you be following these detectives every week, watching as they try to piece together what happened on the night of Danny’s death?

Or will you just go out and purchase the DVD of Broadchurch, which many critics feel is superior to this watered down remake?

Go ahead and watch Gracepoint online via TV Fanatic and then hand out a grade below for the premiere: