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Earlier today, we learned that Kesha is suing Dr. Luke on the grounds that the famed pop music producer harassed and sexually assaulted her several times over a period of ten years.

Moments ago, TMZ reported that Luke is countersuing Kesha, claiming that not only is the singer extorting him, she’s also using false accusations to extort him and try to escape from a legally-binding contract.

Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) says Kesha has conspired with her new management firm and her mother, Pebe, to try to blackmail him into allowing her to record with a new label.

Gottwald claims it’s not the first time Kesha has pulled such a stunt. He says she once threatened to provide untrue information to a “Free Kesha” blog unless he agreed to release her from her contract.

Fans have frequently expressed their belief that Luke is to blame to Kesha’s eating disorder, and the singer has never publicly disputed the claim.

Her condition got so bad that Kesha that she was forced to check into rehab for 30 days at the beginning of this year. Her difficulties are widely believed to have stemmed from an incident in which Dr. Luke attacked Kesha’s appearance on a music video set.

The singer’s lawsuit contains a number of shocking accusations, including allegations that Luke forced her to take drugs and sexually assaulted her while she was under the inluence.