Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: Jenna Jameson Gets Real

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Wednesday on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 6, Jenna Jameson finally opened up and gave us a little more insight into what a hard life she's actually had.

While her appearance on the VH1 show had previously been marred by her frequent blowups and arguments with fellow guests, Dr. Jenn got through at last.

Growing concerned about Jenna's relationship with John Wood, and about her in general, the psychotherapist learned about some of Jameson's issues.

Namely, John can be insensitive to Jenna's past. Not in the sense that she is one of the most porn stars ever, but in regard to the times she was raped.

Times, as in plural.

In one of the saddest moments of Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 6 and the season, Jenna revealed that her own father made her feel like this was her fault.

This season has already had its share of memorable moments, from the shocking Dick Donato HIV positive revelation to Nikki Ferrell raging ... in general.

What would that lead us to this week? Dr. Jenn asked all of the couples to write out the name of who they believed has the power in their relationship.

Cicely named Treach, who went off about how he's been wrong in the past, something she can't admit about herself, and they seemed to be making progress.

Juan Pablo Galavis still can't admit he doesn't love Nikki - you don't have to watch Couples Therapy online to know that by now - and the group calls B.S.

His fellow cast members say he actually, truly, really, simply just doesn't love Nikki Ferrell, at all, and that both of them are just being delusional here.

In fact, it's hard to say which of the two is kidding themselves the most.

Jenna is fed up with her role in enabling this loser, saying that if this pattern keeps up, it won't be long before "she will pound an 'I love you' out of him."

Speaking of Jenna and John Wood, both agreed that she has the power in their relationship, though John hinted that he is not happy with the dynamic.

He caters to her every need, while his are neglected, he says, which is frustrating. Also, they both admit holding on to anger, and she feels he's too jealous.

John doesn't hide how insecure he feels about the porn star's promiscuity. For Jameson, it's about a lot more than just the fact that she made porn.

"I was raped. Twice," she told Dr. Jenn in a heartfelt and tragic moment.

Jenn's reply: "The only way to get through the pain is to go through it."

She urged Jenna to approach insensitive John and calmly ask for what she needs, because until she does, how can she possibly expect things to improve?

Wow, that advice is way too simple and profound for a VH1 show ...

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