Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: The Struggles of Severide

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Are you over that shocker yet?

Have you recovered from learning about Shay's death on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1?

More importantly, perhaps, have the fighters at 51 recovered? That was the main question heading into Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 2, an hour that focused squarely on Severide and how he's coping with the death of his partner.

During a rescue mission to save a girl trapped in a car, Severide took over the mission rescued the young lady, showing signs that he may be himself again.

Only at work, however.

Away from the station, Severide drank by himself at a bar, clearly distraught and unsure how to move on. 

He let this inebriated state get the best of him in front of Brett... who bears an uncanny resemblance to Shay. The man is clearly struggling to keep his life together and may be heading down a very dark road.

Heck, he even screwed up a date with Detective Erin Lindsay (from Chicago PD), though she agreed maintain a friendship and help Severide through this difficult period in his life.

Dawson, meanwhile, was looking forward to her candidacy at the Austin Firehouse.

She failed her initial physical exam attempt, as we know, but was given another opportunity this week, with Casey there behind her the entire way as she trained.

During one workout, he actually placed a ring for her to see; she accepted the proposal and the two spent a passionate and intimate night together. Ooooh, yeah, people!

Dawson shared this news with Brett, but asked her to keep it a secret due toe the conflict of Dawson and Casey working together. Dawson also discovered that her transfer to 105 was denied.


  • Mills learned more intel about his family, though he wasn't happy about any of it.
  • Herrmann found fresh ways to improve business at Molly's by including other firefighters into the ownership and business end of it
  • Boden and his wife found out they're expecting a child, which has been put under the high-risk category.

Did you catch this installment? You can watch Chicago Fire online via TV Fanatic if not and you can sound off on all these events and a lot more below.

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