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Forgive the very obvious pun, but Rick got schooled on Castle Season 7 Episode 4.


The Case of the Week featured an ice cream truck owner’s son, Anton, being found dead via gunshot inside his vehicle.

Ryan realizes that someone had been hiding in a storage cabinet during the murder and a permission slip found at the scene suggests it was a second-grander.

Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Online
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Online

After an initial probe of Mrs. Ruiz’s class goes nowhere, Castle says he’s “90 percent kid” anyway, so he should go undercover and draw out the witness.

He has the kids write a story, but it doesn’t reveal the witness. He gets excited when a student named Emily says she has a secret (while sharing pretend tea with Castle), but, again, it’s got nothing to do with the homicide.


After giving bad advice and getting tossed from the classroom, Rick notices that a kid named Jason has left a drawing of an ice cream truck in his pocket. Jason later says his half-sister was the witness, and also serve as Anton’s graphic design teacher.

It eventually comes to light that Anton, childhood friend Dmitri and an ex-police officer were exploiting Russian immigrants who wanted to get back home, using phony passports.

A Russian war criminal ended up crossing Anton’s path as a result and vowing to kill anyone who saw his photo. This prompts Castle and Kate to rush back to school and defend Jason, just as the mean Russki arrives.

Castle takes him down (with a jarful of marbles) and gets Mrs. Ruiz gets a medal from the NYPD for being so patient with Rick Castle.

In the end, not a terrible imitation here of Kindergarten Cop.

We didn’t see much of Caskett together this week, though it was cute when the two discussed Rick’s favorite ice cream flavor and also when little Emily was jealous of Mr. Castle’s girlfriend.

What did everyone else think of the latest Castle episode? Go ahead and watch Castle online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up.

And then get a look ahead to Castle Season 7 Episode 5 via the following trailer:

Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Promo