21 Cradle-Robbing Celebrities: You Won't Believe These Couples' Age Differences!

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Couples with huge age differences have always been a popular and hotly-debated topic of the celebrity world, and there are certainly enough examples to choose from.

Whether it's Steven Bauer and James Woods dating women young enough to be their kids, or Lisa Ann and Justin Brent flipping the script, it's always controversial.

Here's a look at some of Hollywood's most noteworthy romances featuring duo's with huge age gaps, which might be helpful to some of the men involved.

You know, in case they start to forget about their own relationships.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner and their 60 year age difference will likely never be topped, though Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison gave it their all.

With those two, and similarly Steven Bauer and Lyda Loudon, there's something about a teenager and a man in his 50s that will give you the chills.

Other age gaps aren't as drastic, but still significant and nearly ignored: Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are 14 years apart, to use one such example.

Whether the gap is 14, 35 or 60, men seem to get a relative pass on cradle robbery compared to women, who are always scrutinized if their men are younger.

Lisa Ann can commiserate with Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore, to name a few other Cougars who paved the way for her to date a Notre Dame freshman.

In any case, check out the gallery above. It's most likely to:

  1. Make your own weird love life seem a little less so;
  2. Make you marvel at stuff celebrities get away with;
  3. Make you laugh at the vision of some of these guys meeting their new love interests' fathers, who are the same age or possibly younger than they are.
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