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Lisa Ann is in the news unexpectedly this week, as the 42-year-old porn star is hooking up with Justin Brent, a freshman football player for Notre Dame!

The couple raised eyebrows at the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, where she was all over the 19-year-old and not trying to hide it.

This wasn’t just an Instagram photo op, either. It was an official date.

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They reportedly met earlier this year while Lisa (best known to some as the Sarah Palin porn look-alike) was traveling, and SHE made the first move.

Cougar style. Hey, when you’re Lisa Ann, you can pull that off.

She’s also very well aware that her actions caused controversy and debate on social media. The sex queen fired off a number of Tweets on the topic:

  • I am very entertained today by the incredible amount of commentary about my date to the @nyknicks Game Last Night..
  • I am a women NOT held back by my age, lucky for me, because the writers seem to make me out to be a dinosaur. 42 is NOT old, It is amazing!
  • The irony here is successful, older men have had beautiful young women on their arms in the past… Now it is MY turn to mix it up!
  • This is YET another one of those times where i can say with a smile.. YOLO
  • Again i blame @belle_knox Since she has become such a big part of my life, it is raining 19 Year Olds.. The Year of 1995…. lol

Classic Belle Knox name checking right there, but somehow we doubt she needed the Duke porn star‘s connections to hook her up with college kids.

At 42-19, the duo certainly ranks among our favorite celebrity couples with huge age gaps, but it’s not the single craziest one we’ve seen by a long shot.

Or the creepiest. Cough, Steven Bauer.

You go, Lisa Ann. YOLO indeed. Just be sure you don’t wear the kid out too much, even though Notre Dame does have a bye week this Saturday.