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Friday evening’s premiere of The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 1 showed us that the long-running reality competition still hasn’t lost much of a step.

Kicking things off in Times Square, the Race is off and literally running!

Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 1 Online
Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 1 Online

Sure, Friday night TV is sort of a graveyard for reality shows, but still.

Sure, it could have benefited from an extra half hour like CBS gave Survivor Season 29 Episode 1 for us to better get to know the cast, but still.

Sure, Bethany Hamilton didn’t get enough screen time, but still.

Okay, all complaining aside? It was a solid premiere for a still-solid show, and we briefly break down the contestants in order of how they finished below:

1. Misti & Jim, the dentists, don’t lack for confidence, but were also willing to help out others and proved to be the most competent. First place? Well earned.


2. Tim & Te Jay capitalized on Jim to complete Roadblock and complained a little too much for our liking, but second place is still a solid result.

3. Kym & Alli, urban bikers who talk almost as big a game as the wrestlers they edged out, act like they’re embracing the role of the "target" early on.

4. Robbie & Brooke, wrestlers who might think they’re more famous than they actually are, sure talk the part. Can they back it up with their performances?

5. Bethany & Adam make you want to ride Team Soul Surfer all the way to the end. They need to work out some kinks, but could be real contenders.

6. Maya & Amy, a couple of enthusiastic scientists who specialize in candy and ice cream, did little of note, but that’s a unique hook for a team at least!

7. Dennis & Isabelle weren’t particularly impressive, or noteworthy in any sense that you wanted to root for or against them. Tune in next week.

8. Shelley & Nici, a pair of flight attendants, struggled a bit but made up for it with determination. And provided some comic relief with their frustrations.

9. Whitney & Keith, the Survivor contestants of years past, were not impressive at the onset. They won’t outwit, outplay or outlast many at this rate.

10. Michael & Scott, a pair of Boston firefighters, likely only survived this week because one team was even worse. But that’s all it takes to move on …

Farewell, Lisa and Michelle. You’ll be missed for your good looks, but you proved that some of us should just stay home and watch The Amazing Race online.

The realtors from Miami vowed to use their good looks to get ahead in The Race, and while that likely works in their day jobs, it didn’t do much here.

Not knowing where the sun rises and sets? Never a good sign. Also, karma bit them hard when they left – then dissed – the firemen at the dock.

That’s just asking for it.