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If you wanna see Terry Crews crack wise and be totally hilarious on a weekly basis, you should really watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online every week.

If you wanna see this muscle-bound actor moving and grooving, shaking and baking, you can apparently turn to various morning and late-night talk shows.

First, Crews joined Jimmy Fallon for the first-ever nip-sync duet. And now he’s featured in an epic dance-off against Michael Strahan.

Who would have guessed two former football players would have such impressive moves? And why hasn’t Dancing with the Stars called Crews yet?!?

Check out the back and forth and decide on the winner now:

Michael Strahan vs. Terry Crews!

How does this compare to the recent Kevin Hart-Josh Gad showdown on Ellen?

And/or to other memorable dance-offs that have gone viral? Compare, contrast and vote on the best now: