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Was Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 too slow for you? Do you wish more had happened throughout the opening hour of this new CBS drama?

We kid, of course, as the action was pretty much non-stop on this opening episode.

Scorpion fits in very well with the network procedural brand, taking a team of genius hackers and placing them in situations where they need to save the world in a certain (very short) period of time.

In this case, that meant stopping 56 airplanes from crashing.

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What sets Scorpion apart a bit from NCIS, Person of Interest and/or any of the 79 CSI franchises is that it’s based on Walter O’Brien, a real-life brilliant misfits who leads a team that serves as final line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age.


It’s an intriguing concept, and it reminds us of the terrific movie Sneakers.

But the cliche-ridden characters hold Scorpion back from feeling fresh and unique in any kind of fun way. Just consider who is a part of this crime-solving unit:

  • There’s a mechanical prodigy.
  • There’s a really smart math dude.
  • There’s a world class shrink.
  • There’s a single mom to bring some heart and emotion into things – and even though she’s played by THG favorite Katharine McPhee, she doesn’t feel remotely interesting.

This show fits the CBS brand perfectly and will likely be a hit. It certainly isn’t bad. There was a nice twist toward the end of the premiere.

There’s some potential here, but, overall, the drama is mostly what you’d expect to see from CBS… which is the highest-rated network on television by a mile. So it’s clearly doing something right.

Watch Scorpion online at TV Fanatic to catch up on the premiere and hand out a grade to the opener now: