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Has Nick Cannon already moved on from Mariah Carey?

To someone who looks a lot like Mariah Carey?

According to Star Magazine, Cannon and 23-year old model Jasmine Sanders acted VERY friendly with each other during an event in Malibu a few weeks ago, with an onlooker at a July 26 launch party saying the two could “barely keep their hands off each other.”

Sanders refers to herself as “Golden Barbie” and posted a photo to Instagram around this same date of herself in a nude-colored bathing suit, posing in front of a sunset with her head back and hair flowing.

Nick Cannon on Set
Photo via YouTube

Remind you of certain singer and her recent album cover?

Cannon and Carey are expected to file for divorce any day now.


The America’s Got Talent host has admitted to “trouble in paradise” between the stars and said they’ve been separated for months, a remark that angered Mariah because the two had agreed to remain quiet until their split was official.

The basis for this breakup remain unclear, though some claim Carey is jealous of other women in Cannon’s life; while other allege Cannon believes Mariah is an emotional mess.

“In Nick’s mind, the relationship has been over for years,” an insider tells Star, adding that Cannon is paying for Sanders’ lavish Los Angeles apartment and also getting it on with a dancer named Brittany Dailey.

So much for always being Mariah’s baby, huh?