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After watching this cat walk away from a collapsed building, we’re a bit scared to ever mess with these animals again.

Yes, they look cute and cuddly and calm. But did you click on the link above? Did you see this feline escape certain death with barely a scratch on him? Sort of freaky stuff.

But try telling that to the donkey featured in the following cute footage.

Via a video filmed in Kenya, an alert cameraman captured two unlikely friends just hanging out, cuddling up, making nice and winning over anyone who watches them interact.

We recently watched a cat try to play with an owl, but mostly get shot down. So it’s nice in this case to see one of these creatures had made a new pal:

Donkey Cuddles with Kitten

These two aren’t the only unexpected friends in the animal kingdom, of course.

Below, we’ve comprised an entire gallery full of friendships that we never saw coming. But now we can’t get enough of!