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On Friday night’s Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1, Baez ended up badly injured after a convoy carrying drug evidence to be incinerated was attacked.

What led us to that point, and what transpired afterward?

Watch Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 Online
Watch Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 Online

As Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 proved with the situation in Times Square, police often find themselves in situations where there is no easy answer.

React too fast and make an error in split-second judgment? You’re at fault. Take your time and try to process the situation and miss your chance?

You’re also at fault. Officer McCarthy found this out the hard way even though he was following procedure, failing to consider the impact of traffic.

The more surprising aspect of all this was the response.


Uncharacteristically, Frank let the mayor bully him into letting his officers down, a first for him and perhaps a sign of a profound arc here in Season 5.

As for Baez and Danny, they drew fire while protecting a drug transport, and she verbally fired on him in a different sense, for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the stresses of work and life all culminated in that moment, but she later admitted that Danny was the closest thing to family she had left.

Speaking of partners, Jamie’s feelings about his? Complex. As Erin tried to say, Jamie’s feelings for Eddie are increasingly obvious … to everyone else.

Did Jamie make the right decision about his partner, though? And has Frank changed the way he does his job for better or worse, since he took the job?

Few easy answers, but that’s life when you wear the uniform, and we can look forward to another season of hard questions from these great characters.

Share your comments below, and as always, remember you can watch Blue Bloods online to catch all the action from start to finish week in and week out.