Woman Sets Home on Fire in Attempt to Kill Spider

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A woman apparently tried to kill a spider by spraying it with aerosol and then lighting it on fire. Ladies and gentlemen, do not recommend trying that at home.

Otherwise, you might not have a home. Much like the woman in question.

Fire Spider

The Wales resident really did attempt this means of offing the eight-legged intruder, despite the fact that flaming chemicals likely pose a greater risk than spiders.

A blaze quickly took hold and spread, as fires do, torching the home.

On the bright side, we're assuming that the spider didn't survive.

The encounter led to what has to be some of the more unusual tweets from emergency services, like this one from South Wales fire official Jennie Griffiths:

"Crews have just attended a fire in a house Kenfig Hill after the resident sprayed a spider with an aerosol and then set it alight 11:57," she wrote.

All business. Then the local fire chief added on Twitter: "When attempting to remove spiders from properties, please dont use lit aerosols. #SWControl."

Incredibly, this is not even the first spider story of its kind.

In July, a Seattle man tried to kill a spider in his laundry room with a lighter and a can of spray paint as a makeshift flamethrower. The fire department came.

Also, a California homeowner using a blowtorch to clear cobwebs in his yard ended up doing $25,000 in damage to his house when that brilliance backfired.

Just throw a sandal at the thing, people. It's not that hard.