Vince Vaughn to Star in True Detective Season Two?!

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A few weeks ago, word got out that Colin Farrell was in talks to star in True Detective season 2.

Neither Farrell nor HBO has come forward to deny the rumor, so at this point we can pretty much assume it's a done deal.

The only question remaining, then, is who will take on the role of Farrell's inevitably boozy, brooding partner in crime (solving)?

Well, if you guessed Vince Vaughn, then clearly time really is a flat circle and you've been through this before, because that pretty much would've been out last guess.

Vince Vaughn UK 'The Break Up' premiere

Sure, Vaughn has taken on dramatic roles in the past (with mixed results), but he's hardly the first name that springs to mind when you think of subject matter as relentlessly dark as True Detective's.

Of course, negotiations are still in the early stages, and Vaughn is said to be in competition with some seriously in-demand actors, including cultishly beloved Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch. 

Rumors that Jessica Chastain would star in True Detective season 2 were shot down by both the actress and series creator Nic Pizzolatto within hours of hitting the Internet, so unless the same happens here, we think it's a safe bet that Vaughn is at least in talks for a lead role.

No word on whether Owen Wilson will join the cast as a wisecracking Yellow King.

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