True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: The Return of Bookie!!!

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So, let us get this straight...

On True Blood Season 7 Episode 7, Sookie called in a doctor to examine Bill. She got scared of Sookie's bloodline... which prompted Sookie to call in her fairy godfather... who ate some spaghetti... who promised to help Sookie... who then told her he could NOT help her... which inspired Sookie to jump back into bed with Bill.

While many viewers may be celebrating the naked reunion of Bookie, a great many others may be sharing in our consternation over just how boring and filler-filled True Blood Season 7 has become.

Bill with Jessica

Does a single person out there care about Bill's pointless flashbacks? Is there any doubt the writers are using these each week because they literally just need time to fill?

What about Adilyn and Wade, two characters we didn't know at all last season?

They seem nice and all, but is anyone sitting on the edge of his or her seat any time the story shifts to their (non-kinky) lovemaking and threats from Violet?

Heck, what about Arlene? We all love Carrie Preston in this role, but she's been a side character for years and now she's practically receiving more screen time than Eric.

There are simply no stories left to tell, that much is obvious. The show keeps spinning its wheel each Sunday night, with barely anything happening and with absolutely no final season-like drama taking place.

That random Sarah Newlin hallucination lasted for multiple minutes! What is going on here?!?

To recap the actual events, snark-free:

  • Sookie had sex with Bill, wanting to take advantage of every last second together.
  • Eric agreed to help the Asian bad guys hunt down Sarah and synthesize her blood, in exchange for 49% of their company and a role as their spokesman.
  • Andy and Holly broke down as they continued to pursue their kids.
  • Violet gave Wade and Adilyn a sex room to use and then attacked them.
  • Hoyt returned with his hot girlfriend and identified his mother's body. Jason seemed very into this hot girlfriend.
  • Sam contemplated leaving Bon Temps with Nicole.
  • Arlene slow-danced with vampire Keith because she's infected and can't have sex with him.
  • Lafayette and Lettie Mae started digging up Tara's childhood home's backyard.

What did everyone else think of this truly horrid True Blood episode?

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