True Blood Finale: The Worst Episode in the History of Television?

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A horrendous final season of True Blood appropriately ended with a mind-numbingly terrible, painfully insulting concluding installment on Sunday.

Jessica and Hoyt got married... because fans everywhere had been clamoring for these two to get back together, right?

(In actuality, they got married because a dying Bill selfishly wanted to give his former progeny away, which actually seems appropriate as a reason because, based on show history, they definitely didn't get married out of true love or anything.)

Bill on True Blood Finale

Eric and Pam killed the Yakuza and went into New Blood business together, striking it VERY rich we learned by episode's end, while keeping Sarah Newlin alive just to torture her as someone to snack on at Fangtasia.

Via a concluding flash forward, we saw that Jason had many kids with Bridget and other couples (Lafayette/James, Nicole/Sam, Arlene/Eric, etc.) were happily still together years in the future.

And, worst of all, Sookie agreed to help Bill kill himself.

He uttered some nonsense about how he wanted the very best for Sookie, how she deserved kids and a real marriage and all that and how he wanted her to use her faerie ball so he would die and she could be a regular human.

Sookie couldn't go through with that, however, because being a faerie us just who she is.

But she did help Bill stake himself through the heart, a rather insulting move because Sookie wanted to spend eternity with him. But Bill insisted he knew what was best and the couple at the core of this series ended with one in an explosion of blood all over the other.

It was really, really stupid.

What did you think of the True Blood Season 7 finale? Was it the worst final episode of a show in TV history?

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