Sofia Vergara Responds to Emmy Segment Backlash, Slams Complaints of Sexism as "Ridiculous"

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Sofia Vergara and Modern Family won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy last night, conquering all comers in that category for the fifth consecutive year.

But the actress couldn't fully enjoy the victory because she found herself at the center of a mini controversy due to her role in a segment earlier in the evening.

The large-breasted actress took the stage for a bit opposite Bruce Rosenblum, President of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, who talked about all the ways in which viewers consume TV these days.

And he did so after asking Vergara to stand on a rotating platform, which gave attendees and those at home a full view of her appealing assets.

As Rosenblum joked that the mission of his medium was to give folks "something compelling to look at," many took to Twitter to speak out against the objectification of Vergara, referring to the segement as "sexist."

For obvious reasons.

But those reasons were not obvious to Vergara.

"I think it's absolutely the opposite," the star told reporters of the backlash. "It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money."

Even Katie Couric voiced her distaste, Tweeting: "I love @SofiaVergara but did anyone find that schtick somewhat offensive."

The Modern Family actress appeared to be signaling out the journalist at the end of her response.

"I absolutely think it's ridiculous and somebody who started - and I know who she was - has no sense of humor and should lighten up a little bit."

Well... alright then!

In other news related to stars with big breasts, did you see Sarah Silverman's Emmy dress?!?

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