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If Elisabeth Hasselbeck was just too darn liberal for you, you may be in for a treat, you betcha:

Back in it was reported that Sarah Palin might join The View alongside returning co-host Rosie O’Donnell.

The talk died down amidst rumors that Meghan McCain and Leah Remini were fighting it out for the job.

With word that Palin was launching her own “online TV network” it became increasingly unlikely that the former Alaska governor would ever join the “lamestream” media.

Earlier today, however, Radar Online reported that Palin is closer than ever to reaching an agreement with producers of The View

In fact, there’s reportedly only one thing preventing Palin from sealing the deal – she doesn’t want to abandon her view of Russia:

“The one sticking point in the talks is how much time she would have to spend in New York City and away from her native Alaska,” says a source.

“She has proposed that she spend three weeks a month in NYC, and then go back to Alaska. During sweeps she would of course not take any time off.”

Sarah Palin living  in New York City?! That would be like…we actually can’t think of a better example of a fish out of water.

But while this may be bad news for New Yorkers, it’s nice to see that Palin is still in the business of ruining plum job opportunities for members of the McCain family.