Robin Williams Sends Best Wishes to Terminally Ill Fan in New Zealand

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In the wake of his shocking death, a fan made this beautiful Robin Williams tribute video.

Prior to his death, however, Williams was the one who filmed a special video, one that takes on extra sad and chilling meaning considering the actor's suicide.

The footage is dedicated to Vivian Waller, a 21-year old New Zealand resident who is suffering from lung, bowel and liver cancer.

After being diagnosed, Waller put meeting Williams on her bucket list, a wish that made it way across the globe to the star - and which resulted in Williams filming a message for this terminally-ill fan.

Watch the comedian channel Matthew McConaughey in making Waller's dream come true:

Late last week, Robin's wife said her husband had started to suffer from Parkinson's Disease at the time of his death, though she did not directly link his suicide to that illness.

It's now been a week since Williams hanged himself and the world continues to wrestle with the tragic death.

And we continue to send our best wishes to this star's family, friends and loved ones.

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