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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have reportedly been separated for months, with sources calling their rumored divorce not just rumored, but a "done deal."

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Splitting Up?

Divorce lawyers, according to TMZ, have been negotiating property and custody agreements for months and it’s just a matter of time before it goes public.

Long before any sort of talk of a Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon divorce surfaced, they began living in separate residences in New York City since May. 

Beyond Nick seeing their twins, the spouses have little to no contact.

The beginning of the end, insiders say, was the radio appearance where Cannon played Big Boy’s "game" of naming five celebs that he’s slept with.

Nick slept with Kim Kardashian, he confessed, and Mariah lost it.


Feeling humiliated, she let him have it for weeks after this … and then he went on Howard Stern’s radio show and said Mariah didn’t give it up until they wed.

Needless to say she wasn’t thrilled that he spilled on that either.

On a more substantive note, Carey feels that Cannon has abandoned her and their marriage by taking what seems like every gig possible these days.

They don’t need the money and he’s away a lot, she says. As Nick sees it, Mariah is surrounded by "yes men" and can’t handle even minor disagreements.

The 33-year-old Cannon has also generated $75 million since 2011, he says, so he finds the superstar singer’s criticism of his work ethic a little ridiculous.

There are even reports that she hired a security team to keep him away from other women, and while that has not been validated, we can almost see it.

Team Nick or Team Mariah? Either way, it looks like it’s over …