Man Learns Brother is Gay on Reddit, Responds to Sibling Via Text Message

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We often laugh at text message exchanges between relatives, especially when they involve these 19 mothers.

But the following back-and-forth simply warms our heart.

It centers on Reddit user “thecly,” who gave his brother his username/password so that the sibling could see a discussion he was engaged in on website... only he forgot that he had also posted in the "gaybros" subreddit.

As a result, this user was outed to his brother in the most unplanned of ways - but the brother really could not have handled the news any better, as this exchange proves:

Awkward Text Message Exchange

Thecly's little brother also added on Reddit, when asked about the development and his sibling:

"He’s a pretty nice guy and I love him to death, ain’t nothin gonna change that."

We love it.

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