Kate Middleton: AT WAR With Queen Elizabeth II!!

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Kate Middleton and Prince William's grandmother, HRM Queen Elizabeth, may seem like they enjoy a kind, cordial relationship, but not the case, says one tabloid.

The two are actually at war. AT WAR!! And Kate has the upper hand!

Kate Middleton AT WAR!
Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth

One wouldn't think that with all the Kate Middleton baby bump speculation, a tabloid would focus on a fake beef with an 88-year-old, but we digress.

While this supposed feud between a one-time commoner and one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the history of Europe is FAR from over, Kate is winning.

According to Life & Style, the Duchess scored "her biggest victory yet” over her elderly foe by convincing Prince William to move out of Kensington Palace.

Their family is off to the countryside. The Queen is supposedly very unhappy ... even though she actually gave the couple the estate they will be relocating to.

To be closer to William's job as a pilot. But who's counting.

Says the alleged, anonymous, all-knowing palace source:

“The queen is furious. It’s a huge slap in the face. Kate, and now William, are sending the message that they refuse to be forced by the queen to do anything.”

Sure thing. Amazingly, William's move to Norfolk is not the first thing that's sparked gossip about the Queen and Kate going at it, a recurring (bogus) topic.

It won't be the last time, either. Publications are starved for any real news about the Duchess, and will stop at next to nothing to stir up some scandal.

In actual news, Kate made Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Hall of Fame this summer. In honor of that feat, here's a look back at 29 of her all-time best looks:

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