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The upcoming return of Kate Plus 8 to TLC is not sitting well with Jon Gosselin, who is seriously considering going after full custody of his kids as a result.

Jon, who was no fan of this summer’s Kate Plus 8 catch-up specials, is even more furious that Kate Gosselin is putting them kids back on TV for a full season.

Adding to the tension? Kate has abruptly canceled Jon’s recent visits with the kids, according to a new report, and Jon is prepared to fight back hard.

Jon Gosselin in Hospital

“He would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids. He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them,” a source says.

“He’ll do whatever it takes.”

Will he, though? Can he?


A close family insider says Jon relinquished his say about whether or not the kids appear on TV in exchange for not paying child support to Kate.

That would make sense, getting him off the hook while freeing her up legally and enabling her to do whatever she feels she has to do to make money.

She’ll reportedly be making $40,000 per episode of the show this coming season, far less than their Jon & Kate Plus 8 prime but still not a bad payday.

He’s still pissed, though, and is said to be exploring his legal options, especially as he feels she is keeping the kids from their father inappropriately.

“He can file for a modification of the custody agreement,” says one legal expert, although filing something and actually getting custody are quite different.

Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild have reportedly reconciled and rekindled their “working” relationship. So stay tuned on that front as well.