Highest Paid Actresses of 2014: What Oscar Winner Raked in More Than $50 MILLION?

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Forbes released its annual list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood last month, and we're still stunned by just how much cash the film industry's top earners pulled in.

Today, the esteemed finance magazine unveiled a list of the movie world's most well-off women.

As usual, the highest-paid ladies didn't earn quite as much as their male counterparts (in some ways, Hollywood is just like the rest of the world), but they pulled in some pretty impressive pay days, nonetheless.

Sandra Bullock tops the list this year with an astonishing $51 million in earnings. Not only did Bullock take the top spot by a wide margin, she trounced last year's highest paid actress, Angelina Jolie, who took home a paltry $33 million in 2013.

Industry analysts say Bullock's big time bucks came primarily from the critically-acclaimed Gravity. Veteran stars like Sandra are usually able to negotiate deals in which they a small chunk of a blockbuster's profits.

Coming in at a distant second is Jennifer Lawrence who made $34 million by combining big budget fare like The Hunger Games, with lower-key, more personal films like American Hustle

Rounding out the top three with $31 million in earnings is Jennifer Aniston. Jen may not have starred in any major box office in the last 12 months (or ever, really), but her product endorsement deals coupled with still-lucrative Friends residuals made 2014 one of her biggest years yet.

Jump into the gallery above to check out the rest of the top ten. But be warned: we're not responsible if the amount of money Gwyneth Paltrow made this year drives you into a deep depression. 

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