Dog Meets Doorstop, Hilarity Ensues: See the Encounter!

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Take solace, adorable French Bulldog Puppy. You aren't the only canine who gets mesmerized by a doorstop.

The following video featured a Golden Retriever named Stella who is either scared, confused or excited by this everyday living room item. Perhaps all three at once.

But whatever Stella's emotion, the reaction of all those who watch this video will be the same: a great deal of laughter.

It's precious and adorable and you should check it out now:

Dogs reacting to stuff is the best, isn't it?

Another case in point: this howling dog reacting to his alarm clock. Who can't relate to what he's going through, right?!?

Now it's YOUR turn to react to puppies who are so cute... they may even be cuter than Ryan Gosling!

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