Dog Gets Elected Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota

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We already know dogs can do amazing things.

They can serve as alarm clocks. They can garner a crazy number of Instagram followers. They can dress as Game of Thrones characters.

But can they reach across the aisle, work with the opposing side and pass important legislation?

Such is the challenge that now faces Duke, a canine in Cormorant, Minnesota who just got elected mayor of that tiny town. We’re not joking.

Dog as Mayor

According resident Tammy Odegarrd, Duke won the election last Thursday to be honorary mayor for the year of this miniscule hamlet, which has 12 total citizens.

“Pretty much everyone knows him,” Odegarrd told WDAY of Duke, who defeated store owner Richard Sherbrook "by a landside" to take the office.

After winning election, Duke underwent five hours of grooming and has already helped make his community safer by simply roaming around.

"What he does is, when the cars are coming through town, they're hitting town at 50 miles per hour, and he slows them down,” explains David Rick.

The election for honorary mayor cost each voter $1, lasted for five weeks and helped raise money for a fundraiser.

For his victory, Duke will receive a salary of a year’s supply of kibble, donated by a local pet store. He'll likely be more respected around the nation than Michelle Bachmann.

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