19 Honest Disney Posters: What If Movie Titles Told the Truth?!?!

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It's a tale as old as time. Girl is sad. Girl meets boy. Girl is happy! And they both lived happily ever after! No really, that's the plot of more movies than we can count.

Very often the stories being told in kids' movies are wrapped up in shiny, colorful cartoon faces which do not actually reveal what the movie is about or the messages therein.

For instance, Frozen is not about a reindeer who befriends a snowman. And ANNA IS THE HEROINE but everyone loves Elsa because she gets the best song. Ugh.

It's always Elsa Elsa Elsa! (Anna 4 lyfe!!!)

But what if these beloved films' taglines told the truth? As an answer, here are 19 honest Disney posters. Seriously, Disney, what's up with all the orphans?

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