Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: The Long Kiss-Off Goodbye

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Tuesday night on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 20, the Elite Team geared up to end its losing streak with a competition against the Candy Apples.

After subjecting the losers to a personal walk of shame, Abby Lee Miller nabs a former Candy Apple to dance a duet with Maddie. The plot thickens ...

Abby has gotten Cathy's old dancer Gino to partner with Maddie, and perhaps more significantly, Maddie seems to have a clue what's going on now.

In the pyramid meeting, Abby rubs our girls' noses in losing two competitions, because if you watch Dance Moms online, you know that's how she rolls.

Abby tells them to "suck it up" and gives them a lecture on attitude, while this week, IN10sity is in Cleveland, Ohio, which will be the competition site.

That means Cathy and Candy Apples. The duet is "The Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed" and inspired by Abby's stint as guest judge on Dancing with the Stars.

Maddie is given the lead with Gino (formerly of the Candy Apples), and right away, Maddie and Gino have trouble with the kiss that this entails.

Melissa tells us that Maddie is shy around boys; Abby, of course, forces the issue and Maddie does the kiss. Then she tells the others to Gino's surprise.

Cathy feels that Abby has a "judge" conspiracy and plans to prove this with the group dance ... clearly there is zero love lost between these two.

Tension is palpable as the teams arrive and Cathy insults Gino immediately, but even to the lay person, Gino and Maddie's duet has some sophistication.

With the group numbers, Cathy's team goes first and seems to fall short of Abby Lee's whose dance is much more like a storyline than Cathy's was.

In the duets, Abby's duet wins second, which shocks Abby, while Cathy takes first. Cathy celebrates the win, but the groups are reversed, with Abby's first.

Backstage, Cathy is disappointed, while Abby is relieved about the group and asks Chloe if she's hurt. Abby makes Gino and his father leave.

This earns the Dance Moms star an insult from Christy, who will no doubt have a few more in store for Abby Lee Miller when we return next week ...

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