Couple Changes Middle Names to Seamonster, Declines to Explain Why

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We've heard some ridiculous celebrity baby names in our day, but a Massachusetts couple recently changed their middle names to ... Seamonster.

Seriously. We're sorry, Kimye. North West has nothing on that.

Seamonster Change

The reasoning behind serpentine, maritime-themed name change is anyone's guess, since the couple are remaining private about their decision.

Even after this story went viral, the Monsters have declined interviews.

"Thank you, but despite crazy/flashy new middle names, my husband and I are pretty private," Melanie Convery (or Melanie Seamonster Convery) said.

Another Tweet from the Seamonsters does note that Melanie and Neal Seamonster Coughlin were not expecting people to notice their big name change.

People read the The Holyoke Sun legal notices apparently. Who knew?!

Seamonster is pretty great and all, and certainly works for a male or female, but here are 11 other great unisex names that are just slightly more conventional:

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