Coco Swimsuit Photo Wishes You Happy slingThursday, Ends All Productivity on Thursday

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Coco Austin, the wife of Ice-T and a woman who generally regarded as being comfortable in her own skin, has really upped the ante with this swimsuit photo.

Its likeness has never been seen before. Or is it able to be unseen.


The occasion? Who needs one when you're Coco, honestly?

While Throwback Thursday photos are all the rage, this one was posted by the reality star on Twitter, where she wished her fans a most happy "slingThursday."

What that is, we have no idea. But it also matters little.

We're guessing it has to do with the slingshot-esque blue one-piece suit in the photo, but someone we don't see people rushing out to buy that.

Unless you look like Coco, in which case boy is this article of swimwear built for you. Sort of literally. A very happy slingThursday to you, indeed.

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