Cat Makes Ninja-Like Attempt to Sneak Past Great Dane, Fails

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Give this cat an A for Effort.

And an O for Oh My God, That Dog is Frickin Gigantic!

In the following video, a feline named Meeko wants to leave the bathroom... but there's a problem: a Great Dane (aptly) named Tank is in the way.

So watch Meeko get down low, watch him try to be all stealthy and ninja-like with his quiet movements - and then watch as his enormous frenemy is awakened from a sound slumber, much to Meeko chagrin/total fear:


On the flip side, cats sometimes try to befriend dogs, even if their attempts are unwanted.

But other times they choose a different animal and nuzzle up to a horse.

As you can see below, however, close relationships between cats and dogs definitely do exist:

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