Bunny Hunter Photos Go Viral, Introduce Internet to Proud “Gunshine State” Resident

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A few weeks ago, Kendall Jones caused quite an Internet uproar when she posted photos to Facebook of her successful animal kills in Africa.

Mark Zuckerberg and company eventually deleted pictures of Kendall's prey and the Texas Tech cheerleader faced numerous death threats online for her actions.

But while Jones is now out of the news, a new blonde with a gun is making headlines of a similar kind.

Say hello to Bunny Hunter.

The 32-year old Florida resident writes on her website that she’s a proud resident of the “Gunshine State,” that she’s a “God-fearing, patriotic country girl” with four siblings in the military and that she aims to "restore this once proud land to that which was originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers."

The Instagram page of this “firearms enthusiast” is full of scantily-clad images of the Bunny Hunter holding an AK-47, a semi-automatic AR15 and a Glock, among other weapons.

Ted Nugent’s new crush recently told The Sun that she hopes to “help” women be less “afraid of guns" through her photos and attitude. Think this is an admirable goal? Or think the Bunny Hunter represents all that is wrong with America?

Ponder. Debate. And weigh in as you click through pictures of the Bunny Hunter below:

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