Beyonce: Meeting With Financial Advisers to Prepare For Divorce?

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As you may have heard, Beyonce and Jay Z could be headed for divorce.

The signs are everywhere - from the fact that Bey and Jay aren't wearing wedding rings on their current tour, to the rumors that Mrs. Carter has been spotted apartment hunting in Manhattan.

Throughout the divorce drama, however, there's been speculation that even if they live in separate homes and split custody of their daughter, the Carters will never actually divorce, as they'd both have too much to lose financially.

Beyonce and Jay Z: Backstage

Well, the rumor may have been put to bed yesterday, as Beyonce met with a group of financial advisers, reportedly to discuss the future of her assets as a single lady.

E! News reports that the R&B icon has been taking frequent meetings during breaks from the On the Run tour.

Sources were careful to note that stars of Queen Bey's financial stature often have to sit down with money managers to make sure everything is as it should be, but it seems as though Bey's recently been meeting with her team more than ever before.

It's possible she's just preparing for some sort of major investment, but given all of the other clues that the first couple of hip hop is headed for a split (including Beyonce crying on stage recently), we'd take this as yet another sign that the end of their tour will also mean the end of Bey and Jay's marriage.

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