Aviva Drescher Denies No-Showing Dad's Wedding: They Eloped! I'm Happy For Them!

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The Real Housewives of New York City star Aviva Drescher didn't snub father George Teichner's wedding, she says. On the contrary, THEY snubbed her.

And everyone else. By eloping!

George Teichner, Dana Cody
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As previously reported, George Teichner married Dana Cody last weekend. Given the 51-year age difference (76 to 25!), Aviva and others have been skeptical.

Just the same, she swears she's come around, that she wishes them well, and that she truly had no idea about the wedding until it was a done deal.

"I am so happy for my father and Cody! They did get married! They eloped!" Aviva says, quelling gossip about why she didn't attend the Malibu nuptials.

Dana Cody also defended Aviva:

"@avivadrescher was not the ONLY "NO SHOW"..because we DID NOT TELL ANYONE!!!!" the bride Tweeted. "Neither family members were aware!!"

"My #HUSBAND & myself only allowed the world to view our love via #RHONY @bravotv so that the public can understand that #truelove & #soulmates exist"

"Despite ageism & cultural differences!! We are truly not into "showbiz" - only into each other," Dana goes on. "Certain moments in life are #priceless!!!!!"

So ... it'll be on TV then? Or it won't? We're confused, Dana, but at least Aviva Drescher didn't throw her leg. We think we can all be thankful for that.

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