102-Year Old Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Lives to Tell About It

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We could debate for hours who has the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Was it Chris Pratt drinking vodka? Was it Olivia Wilde using breast milk? Was it Charlie Sheen dumping cash on his head and challenging Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Lorre to donate $10,000 to the cause?

Or was it Leonardo DiCaprio actually donating $100,000 to the cause?

But we can no longer debate who is the oldest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge subject? Jack Reynolds!

He’s 102 years old, he resides in Great Britain and he’s sitting in the corner of his deck in the following video, happily waiting for the freezing H2O to pour down. Watch it take place now:

Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Way to go, Jack!

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