Sherri Shepherd Wins Custody Battle Against Jeff Tarpley!

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Sherri Shepherd got fired from The View last month, and has yet to reveal any future career plans, but at least she's a winner one sense:

Shepherd emerged victorious from her custody battle with first husband Jeff Tarpley today, as a judge ruled that she's fit to raise her 9-year-old son.

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Now that that's over with, Shepherd can focus on her custody battle with Lamar Sally, her second husband.

That case is a bit more complicated, as it involves an unborn child that the former couple is expecting via a surrogate. 

The battle for custody began immediately after Shepherd and Sally split in May. At first, Sally was demanding full custody and requesting that Shepherd receive only visitation rights. 

Now, in a bizarre twist Sally is asking a judge to force Shepherd to have some involvement in the child's life. 

Yes, Sherri has reportedly decided that she wants nothing to do with the child that she and Sally planned to raise as a couple - a fact that has led Sally to cry foul and seek legal intervention.

As for the wrangling between Shepherd and Tarpley - the father of Sherri's son claims that her hectic work schedule made her unable to provide for the boy. He testified that Shepherd left the boy, Jeffrey, in the care of "unskilled nannies," resulting in poor hygiene and developmental delays.

The judge ruled that there was no evidence of neglect on Shepherd's part. She announced her victory today via Twitter.

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