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Rising up, straight to the top, Darren Mullery has the guts and the glory.

He’s going the distance and he’s not gonna stop, as this 39-year old from Ireland is a man with a will to survive.

He was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2013, but Mullery has released an inspiring video that makes it clear he has no plans to give up his fight any time soon.

Showcasing this father’s humor and perseverance, the footage depicts Mullery preparing for his intense battle against this awful disease and concludes with shots of him interacting with daughter Noelle.

“[She] is my inspiration and my reason to get out of bed every day,” Darren tells the Irish Independent.

Watch this moving video and tribute now:

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Earlier in the week, we posted a video of a young cancer patient singing a duet from Frozen with her male nurse.


Elsewhere, hundreds of cancer patients cheered on Team USA during its World Cup run.

With your waterworks already flowing, go ahead and check out these other cancer-related videos below:

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