Nina Dobrev: Dissing Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed with Instagram Poem?

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When it comes to celebrity gossip, you can read almost anything into cryptic Instagram posts from celebrities to suit the juicy story you want.

In this case, though, it really does make you think.

With Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed dating, all eyes are on the actor's on-off love Nina Dobrev for any signs of a reaction. Her first comment?

Not something you would consider positive.

Nina Poem

“I give / You take / I break / You fake PITY / I bleed / You dive in deep / Into my blood / Thick as syrup / Tell me / Are you a mosquito?” Dobrev posts.

It goes without saying that this is not necessarily about Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, neither of whom are mentioned or hinted at in the text.

It's also not an uplifting poem, however.

Considering that The Vampire Diaries cast members dated for three years in relative secrecy, and he's apparently going public with a new girl now?

Could be a lot for a young star to take in.

If you want to overanalyze the Instagram poetry, Ian is in her blood after dating her for so long, and his actions could very well be draining her blood.

Almost like a mosquito, one could say.

"I give, you take" is also a common refrain for those in couples who split, as one party often feels that they cared more about the romance than the other.

Inside sources say that Ian and Nikki kept their exes' “feelings close as they work on their decisions to start an exclusive relationship together."

At the same time, Nina Dobrev “hasn’t been told anything” by them, but “she reads celebrity gossip like the rest of us so she will know soon enough.”

If you want to interpret her Instagram feed a certain way, she already knows, and isn't exactly thrilled by her ex moving on with the Twilight beauty.

Should make for good times on the set for Nina and Ian! Maybe they'll channel the angst and make you actually want to watch The Vampire Diaries again.

Last season? Not that good. Just saying.

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