Naya Rivera Used Big Sean Wedding Plans to Marry Ryan Dorsey!

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Naya Rivera married Ryan Dorsey over the weekend in what had to have been the most unexpected celebrity wedding of the year.

Not only was the public totally unaware that Naya and Ryan were even dating, but Naya ended her engagement to Big Sean just three months ago. 

So yeah, getting married just months after you were engaged to someone else certainly raises some concerns. But in Naya's case, at least it didn't raise any new expenses...

That's because Naya basically had the wedding she was planning to have with Big Sean, just with Ryan standing in the rapper's place.

According to TMZ, the dress, the date, the location...pretty much everything except the groom was exactly in line with Naya's original plan.

Sources say that Naya never even gave Sean his engagement ring back, but we're hoping sher didn't re-purpose that as well.

Of course, if rumors that Naya has been fired from Glee are true, the young couple may want to cut corners any way that they can.

Ryan is an actor with a handful of credits to his name, but according to his IMDB page, he's best known for something called Groovin' On from 2011. 

Needless to say, Naya would've been living a slightly more baller existence with Sean.

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