Kim Zolciak Drinks Placenta Smoothie After Giving Birth On Don't Be Tardy Premiere

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Kim ZolciakĀ gave birth to twins back in November, but the event wasn't featured on her reality show until the third season premiere of Don't Be Tardy last night.

Of course, it was a joyous occasion and whatnot, but in this case, we think we were better off not knowing all the delivery room details:

If you're eating or enjoying a post-workout protein shake, you may want to skip the video above.

It features Kim having a smoothie made from her placenta, then drinking it to combat post-partum depression.

Gross as it is, at least she had her reasons. Kim's motives for forcing her husband, Kroy Bierman, to suck down the revolting concoction are much less clear:

"Don't f--king back out on me," Kim shouts at Kroy when he expresses misgivings. "I just pushed out two of your children and one of them breached and my p-ssy'sĀ tore to hell because of it. You are drinking the f--king smoothie, Kroy!"

Well, then.

But while they may turn our stomachs, it's hard to argue with the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star's methods.

Kim posted a svelte selfie online just four months after giving birth, and claims her six kids have made her happier than she's ever been.

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