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Kim Kardashian has managed to post two revealing photos in one.

The reality star, who allegedly took 1,200 selfies in Thailand, unveiled a makeup-free self-portrait on Instagram today and included with it a shot of sister Kendall Jenner topless.

“LOVE @kendalljenner on the cover of LOVE,” Kim wrote as a caption, showing off Jenner’s latest magazine spread.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC

Is it weird for one sibling to be flaunting the picture of another sibling half-naked? Yes.


But Miley Cyrus put a picture of Noah Cyrus on the Internet this week and referred to the 14-year old’s “#tigolbitties.”

So, in this case, Kim’s photograph and reference is actually quite tame.

To her credit, Kim Kardashian has actually posed make-up free on a number of occasions, giving fans their one glimpse at something real about her life.

Here’s a look at other stars who have done the same: